Television Submission Form


    1. The Material is novel and original and I own exclusively, or I am the authorized signatory for the exclusive owner(s) of, all rights to the Material including but not limited to copyright and all underlying rights to story concept and characters.
    2. The Material is wholly original and not based on any underlying literary material except as disclosed to Visland.
    3. The Material does not infringe upon or violate the rights of privacy of, or constitute a libel or slander against, or violate any common law rights or any other rights of any person.
    4. I acknowledge that there may be: (i) material or ideas in the public domain; or (ii) other persons, including employees of Visland, who have submitted (or will submit) material to Visland or have made (or will make) material public that is, in each case, similar to the Material submitted by me and Visland shall have the right to use this similar material and shall be under no obligation to me with respect to the Material submitted, and I shall not be entitled to any form of compensation in connection with said use.
    5. If Visland wants to use the Material, I will enter into a separate agreement with Visland regarding use of the Material and will be compensated for such use.
    6. I agree to retain an original copy of the Material that I submit to Visland and I fully release and discharge Visland from any liability in connections with any loss or damage to the Material.
    7. Nothing herein shall obligate Visland to evaluate or review the Material.
    8. Visland, as referred to herein, shall be deemed to include all parent, affiliated and related companies of Visland, the employees, agents and contractees thereof and its successors, licensees and assigns.
    9. The Form represents the entire understating between me and Visland and cannot be modified or waived in any way, unless otherwise stated by written agreement signed by both me and an authorized signatory of Visland. The invalidity of any provisions of this Form shall not affect the validity of any remaining provisions, which shall be deemed to be in full force and effect. My signature shall also be deemed to confirm the agreement of any other entity or person who I am authorized to sign for and who has any interest or ownership in Materials.
    10. This Form shall be governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia and federal laws of Canada applicable therein.