Expedition: Asia

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About This Project
Join the Schurmann family as they travel to every corner of the world in search of evidence to the question: were the Chinese the first to circumvent the globe?

Onboard, their newest sailboat, the Kat, the Schurmann Family sails across the seas in an expedition inspired by a controversial theory: Could Chinese explorers have been the first to sail around the world, even before Columbus? The series investigates evidence of this theory by retracing the supposed routes of Chinese navigators of the Fifteenth Century. To unravel this mystery, the Schurmann Family travelled for over 2 years, totalling 812 days at sea and almost 50 stops until returning to the point of departure: Itajaí, Santa Catarina–the Kat sailed more than 50,000 kilometres across four oceans in search of the truth.


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